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Notice on Airline Boarding Requirements for Certificates of Negative Nucleic Acid and Anti-body Blood Tests Results


In order to reduce the cross-border transmission of COVID-19, starting from November 6, 2020, all foreign passengers flying from Cyprus to China will be required to take both the PCR and IgM anti-body tests and then apply for a certified Health Decalration Form before boarding the flight. The specific requirements are as follows:

I. Test Requirements

    Passengers flying from Cyprus to China via third countries must take both the PCR and IgM anti-body tests in Cyprus within 2 days before boarding the flight to the transit country and then take both tests again in the transit country (the last stop country before China) within 2 days before boarding. Passengers must apply at the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in BOTH countries for certified Health Declaration Forms with negative results of BOTH tests. Passengers are allowed to fly from Cyprus to China by transiting in one country ONLY. For those who will fly to China transiting in more than one country due to difficulties in flight connection, the Embassy will grant HDC codes in a strict manner and case by base.

II. Foreign Passengers Applying for HDC Green Code

  All foreign passengers are required to inform the relevant laboratory to send their PCR and anti-body IgM test reports to the Chinese Embassy in Cyprus by email: chinaemb_cyp@hotmail.com.

  At the same time, foreign passengers should fill in the information, declare the health status and upload the test reports, passport copy, valid Cypriot residence permit (for non-Cypriot citizens, including permanent residence card, short-term residence card, Cypriot visa, etc.) , flight itinerary, by logging on the website of http://hrhk.cs.mfa.gov.cn/H5/, which will then be examined and verified by the Chinese Embassy in Cyprus. Upon approval, they will receive the Electronic Health Declaration Form, which will be displayed in QR code with the"HDC"mark. Foreign passengers must present the electronic or printed code, and follow the procedures for inspection by relevant airlines when boarding.

  Moreover, the working staff of the direct flight from the transit country to China will again check the passengers' certified Health Declaration Form issued by the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in the transit country. Passengers are advised to learn the specific application procedures of the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in the transit country, pay attention to the validity period of the declaration form and cooperate with the airlines' checking when boarding.

   It should be noted that international direct flights from the transit country to Beijing will only admit the citizens of that country and the Chinese citizens residing in that country. Therefore, passengers from other countries will not be allowed to board. For example, only Greek citizens and Chinese citizens residing in Greece are allowed to board the flight from Athens to Beijing. Cypriot citizens will not be allowed to board that flight. International direct flights from the transit country to other cities in China remain unaffected.

III. Reminder

A. Please read the requirements carefully and follow them accordingly. Failure to obtain the certified Health Declaration Form with negative PCR and IgM anti-body test results means you are not qualifed for boarding the flight to China and you have to change your itinerary.

B. Please check beforehand the transit country's entry policy and its PCR and IgM anti-body tests requirements . If there is no fast test at the airport of the transit country, you have to apply for a entry visa of the transit country in order to take both tests.

C. The list of labs recognized by the Chinese Embassy in Cyprus is as follows, and the test report should contain accurate name, passport number and seal of the labs.

Please also learn about the recognised labs in the transit country and the testing report requirements of the Chinese Embassy/Consulate in the transit country, and make an appointment with the labs in advance.

D. Sefarers bound for China must complete a PCR test and an IgM anti-body test 48 hours before boarding the ships and obtain double negative reports.

If one has been diagnosed with COVID-19 infection, or one of the PCR, IgM and IgG anti-body test results is positive, then this person is regarded as having COVID-19 infection history, but not including those who are positive for IgM and IgG antibodies due to vaccination.

E. For passengers flying from Cyprus to China who have been vaccinated against COVID-19, they should upload the vaccination certificate, PCR and antibody IgM test reports on the website of http://hrhk.cs.mfa.gov.cn/H5/. The certificate must contain name, vaccine trade name, valid identity document number, date of 1st and 2nd doses, place of injection, and health officer signature/seal of vaccination center.

F. The applicants with COVID-19 infection history shall send to the Embassy (chinaemb_cyp@hotmail.com) a diagnosis certificate of lung CT or X-ray issued by Cypriot hospitals and two PCR negative reports with the samplings' interval exceeding 24 hours. After passing the Embassy's review, they must undergo 14-day self-quarantine and health monitoring. After the self-quarantine, they shall take another round of PCR and IgM anti-body test results within 48 hours before boarding when applying for HDC codes, and shall upload to the health code system their X-ray or CT diagnosis certificates, two previous PCR negative reports and the "Commitment Letter to Self-quarantine before Visiting China".

For those who are positive for anti-body tests after  vaccination, they can get HDC codes by submitting negative PCR test reports and vaccination certificates. The vaccination certificate must contain name, gender, date of birth, vaccine trade name, identity document number, dates and places of 1st and 2nd doses, health officer signature or seal of vaccination center. Those who are positive for PCR tests after vaccination shall be regarded as having COVID-19 infection history. Those who fail to provide vaccination certificate or have not completed vaccination process shall be regarded as unvaccinated.


The Chinese Embassy in Cyprus kindly reminds passengers to declare their personal information truthfully, carry out tests at the labs recognized by the Embassy, and provide authentic and effective PCR and IgM anti-body test reports. The Embassy does not recognize test reports produced by labs outside of the list (see below). In case of intentional concealment of illness, alteration and falsification of PCR and IgM anti-body test reports, relevant personnel will be held accountable in accordance with the law. Please give careful and due consideration while making travel plans to China, pay close attention to the information release of the transit countries and local Chinese embassies/consulates, so as to avoid being held up or repatriated due to inability to enter the country for tests.

Chinese Embassy in Cyprus 

May 16, 2021 


List of labs recognized by the Chinese Embassy in Cyprus 

1. Charis Ch. Charilaou Biomedical Laboratories

 Address: Arch. Makarios III Ave, Nicosia

 Phone: 22758858  


2. Andreas Adamou Chemistry

Address: Aulonos 8, Nicosia

Phone: 22760928


3. BIOCHECK-Tiggiridis Clinical Laboratories 

Address: Archiepiskopou Makariou III, Lakatamia, Nicosia 

Phone: 22 720325  


4. Medifos Center of Laboratory Medicine and Molecural Diagnosis

Address: 8 28th Oktovriou Avenue, Engomi, 2412, Nicosia 

Phone: 22760943


5. Theocharides clinical labs

Address: Pinelopis Delta 7, Nicosia

Phone: 22 376534


6. MyGene Molecular Diagnostics

Address: Anoikodomiseos 25, Agios Athanasios 4104, Limassol

Phone: 99 539853


7. Diogenous Biomedical Laboratory (C.D. DNA Biomedical Science Lab)

Address: Stadiou 58, Nicosia 2058,Nicosia

Phone: 22 451246


8. Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories LTD

Address: 59 Ifigenias Avenue, Nicosia

Phone: 77 77 13 10


9. Dr Tymvios Medical Labs - BHS Diagnostics

Address: Kritis 12, Nicosia

Phone: 22 762213


10. PZ Agapiou Diagnostics

Address: Sofias Tsirou 9, Toulla Court 3, Flat 11, Limassol 3021

Phone: 70 070404


11. NIPD Genetics

Address: Neas Engomi 31, Engomi 2409, Nicosia

Phone: 22 266888


12. American Medical Center

Address: 215 Syprou Kyprianou Avenue, 2047 Nicosia

Phone: 22 476777


13. Iasis Private Hospital 

Address: 8, Voriou Ipirou Street, 8036, 8069, Paphos 

Phone: 26 848484  


14. A. Evangelou Lab

Address: Leoforos Giannou Kranidioti, 30, 6045, Larnaka  

Phone: 24818183


15. Aretaeio Private Hospital     

Address: 55-57, Andrea Avraamidi st, Strovolos 2024, Nicosia 

Phone: 22200300



Address: Ayiou Georgiou 72, Lakatakia 

Phone: 22776622


Labs in the North:

17. Neareast University Hospital 

Address: Yakın Doğu Boulevard, Lefkoşa 

Phone:+90 392 444 05 35


18. Dr. Burhan Nalbantoglu Devlet Hastanesi 

 Address:Doktor Burhan Nalbantoğlu Caddesi, Lefkoşa 

Phone:+90 392 228 5441


19.Famagusta State Hospital 

Address:Salamis Yolu, GazimaZusa

Phone:  +90 392 630 8900-29


20.Near East University Hospital Magusa Medical Center

Address: Dumlupınar Str., İsmet İnönü Boulevard No:20, Mağusa

Phone: +90 392 444 0 535  Extension: 2430

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