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"China Green" Open to Public

The park "China Green" in Engomi has seen the completion of its construction and is open to the public starting from 22 December 2014.
"China Green" is located in the public area outside the western entrance of the Chinese Embassy in Cyprus, which was built with funding from the Chinese Embassy and labor force from both the Embassy and the Engomi Municipality. The construction started in October 2014. Thanks to the excellent and efficient cooperation of both sides, the park was delivered successfully in just two months. The facilities and equipment installed in "China Green" provide local residents with a very good place for leisure and exercises.

The new look of the West Entrance of Embassy, 25 Dec 2014

The opening of "China Green" marks the success of a new model of cooperation between the Embassy and the Municipality. It has improved the community environment and brought the Chinese and Cypriot people even closer to each other. The park, seen in the eyes of many as a New Year's gift to the community, will also serve as a new symbol of the longstanding friendship between the two countries.

The old look of the West Entrance of Embassy, 14 Oct 2014
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