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Ambassador Huang Xingyuan Met with Cypriot House President Demetris Syllouris


On June 3, 2020, Ambassador Huang Xingyuan met with House President Demetris Syllouris at the House of Representatives of Cyprus and discussed issues including bilateral relations, anti-pandemic cooperation and post-pandemic practical cooperation between the two countries, parliamentary exchanges and Hong Kong national security law.


Ambassador Huang spoke highly of the achievements of China-Cyprus anti-pandemic cooperation, and sincerely thanked House President Syllouris for sending a letter of condolence and support to the Chinese leadership as China fought against the coronavirus outbreak, as well as voicing support to the Chinese government and people and commitment to ensuring that the Chinese community in Cyprus are free from discrimination and differential treatment because of the coronavirus. As good friends, good partners and good brothers, China and Cyprus have fully demonstrated the deep friendship and solidarity in the fight against the pandemic. China-Cyprus joint anti-pandemic efforts will open new doors to cooperation in various sectors after the pandemic. China is willing to work with Cyprus to continue to support each other, enhance cooperation, deepen parliamentary exchanges, and actively follow up and implement the results of House President Syllouris' visit to China last November.  


Ambassador Huang briefed House President Syllouris on the Hong Kong national security law and stressed that since last June, "Hong Kong separatists" have escalated violent activities of terror with the support of external forces, causing severe harm to the security and stability of Hong Kong. The National People's Congress of China adopts the Hong Kong national security legislation at the state level in accordance with the Constitution and the Hong Kong Basic Law. The purpose is to prevent and punish the very few lawbreakers that endanger national security. The legislation is an indispensable choice for protecting Hong Kong's long-term stability. It will neither affect the high degree autonomy of Hong Kong, nor undermine the rights and freedom Hong Kong citizens enjoy under the law, nor have unfavorable impact on the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investors in Hong Kong. Some countries have accused China unreasonably out of their self-interest and prejudice. China firmly opposes such interference in China's internal affairs and believe that Cyprus will understand and support China's position.    


House President Syllouris sincerely thanked China for providing valuable aid to Cyprus in a timely manner. He spoke highly of China's efforts to support the anti-pandemic efforts of the international community, and Cyprus cherishes the Cyprus-China friendship and is willing to actively expand practical cooperation with China in various fields and to translate outcome of his visit to China last year to specific cooperation projects at an early date. House President Syllouris said that the House of Representatives of Cyprus has maintained good relations with the National People's Congress of China at both bilateral and multilateral levels and looks forward to further strengthening parliamentary exchanges.


House President Syllouris reiterated his consistent support for China's principled stance on Hong Kong-related issues.  


During the meeting, Ambassador Huang Xingyuan, on behalf of the Chinese Embassy, donated 1,000 disposable medical masks to the staff of the House of Representatives. House President Syllouris accepted the donation and expressed his gratitude on their behalf.

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