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The declaration on forged document with illegal use of the name of the Chinese Embassy in Cyprus


Recently, the Chinese Embassy in Cyprus got a complaint about receiving a forged document in the name of the Embassy, defrauding a transferal of fund to a so-called "guarantee account"of the Embassy.

The Embassy hereby solemnly declares, this issue involves an illegal attempt of making falsified document under the name of the Embassy. The Embassy or its branches/diplomats would never ask anyone to transfer money to any"guarantee account",apart from charging fees for consular services.

It is worth noting that the Chinese Embassy or its branches/ diplomats stand as an independent third party when handling complaints. Reporting to the police or consulting lawyers on behalf of the enterprises or individuals involved, asking for  refund, return or other related claims on behalf of the enterprises or individual concerned, or providing guarantee for the enterprises or individual involved are all beyond the Embassy's or its diplomats' mandate. Please be aware of the aforementioned issues and stay vigilant against any demand of transferral of fund under the name of the Embassy.

If the documents issued in the name of the embassy need to be verified, please inform the Embassy immediately. And safeguard your legitimate rights and interests through legal means after receiving the confirmation from the Embassy that the documents were fraudulent or forged.

Hereby declare.

The Chinese Embassy in Cyprus
7 July 2021

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